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A crane dynamometer is a tension link load cells designed for under hook crane weighing, proof load testing and crane & hoist calibration.

•   Capacity: 3.25 – 600T

•   Highly accurate and reliable ±0.2 % full scale accuracy

•   Very clear red digit LED display for high visibility

•   IP67 ideal for wet/humid environments

•   Robust high strength steel construction for use in hostile environments

•   Designed and manufactured in Denmark for high quality assurance

Load pin

A load pin is a complete system of load cells configured as internally strain gauged pins in stainless steel for highly accurate load indication and load limitation. Load pins are designed and configured to exact specifications as direct replacements for load bearing pins in lifting equipment.

•   Range 0.1T to 1000T

•   Highly accurate and reliable < 0.1 %

•   Multiple choices of output signal

•   Designed and configured to exact


•   Wide assortment of amplifier, display and

     remote control options

Overload Switch

An overload switch is a mechanical device for load limitation and overload protection for hoists and cranes.

  • Compact size for a minimal lifting height reduction
  • Easy and precise installation with simple tools
  • Easily adjusted to fit different wire types and capacities
  • Linear force development for user-friendly reaction pattern
  • Available with 1 or 2 cut off points


Load cell display & load cell panel meter

  • Wide assortment of display options
  • High intensity LED display: Easy to see from long distances and in bright daylight.
  • Suitable for other applications through analog and digital outputs.
  • 129,000 combination possibilities as standard solution