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Fixed camera

Explosion proof and non-explosion proof fixed camera. The smallest explosion proof camera in the world. Fixed lens with different angles.

•   Smallest Ex camera in the world

•   Various angles on request

•   For extreme temperatures (-40ºC to 


•   Shock and vibration resistant

Load pin

A load pin is a complete system of load cells configured as internally strain gauged pins in stainless steel for highly accurate load indication and load limitation. Load pins are designed and configured to exact specifications as direct replacements for load bearing pins in lifting equipment.

•   Range 0.1T to 1000T

•   Highly accurate and reliable < 0.1 %

•   Multiple choices of output signal

•   Designed and configured to exact


•   Wide assortment of amplifier, display and

     remote control options

Dome Camera

Dome camera for in-/outdoor offshore use. Available as explosion proof and non-explosion proof version.

•   High resolution

•   Wide angles

•   Weatherproof

•   Discrete positioning

•   Indoor & outdoor use

S Type Load Cell

A  S-type load cell is a compact load monitoring device that is designed for both tension and compression applications.

  • Highly accurate and reliable
  • Suitable for both tension and compression applications
  • Compact, durable and robust stainless steel design
  • Easy connection to any weighing application
  • IP68 ideal for wet environments